Interested? Your first class is on us!

To start, every new member is offered a free half hour private lesson.  We offer this private lesson for a few reasons. The first is to give you a chance to meet us, see the facility and get an up close experience of our training. The next is to perform an assessment on your starting point. We may notice during the free lesson that you have enough of a background to jump right into classes or we may learn that you should take a few more private lessons to get the fundamentals down before a class makes sense. See the Contact Us page to book your free private lesson.


$39 - Introductory Program

After your free lesson, you can try our introductory course to get the fundamentals down and also to give you a chance to evaluate whether we are the right school for you without having to commit more of your time or money than you are ready for. Our introductory program comes with 2 half hour long private lessons and 2 weeks access to classes. By the time you have completed the program, you will have enough time with us to be able to judge whether continuing your training is something you wish to do.

How Our Pricing Works?
Our pricing structure was designed to give you options to best suit your needs. We have two services that we offer for you to choose between. You can take part in group classes, private lessons or a combination of both. Basically, the more the services you purchase, the better the deal you will get from us. 


$120 - Unlimited Kickboxing

The "Unlimited Kickboxing" membership includes unlimited access to all group classes and open gym periods offered for a one month payment period.  


$135 - 10 Group Class Punch Card

This option provides access to 10 classes. You have up to one year after the date of purchase to use up your punches. 



Other Options

We try our best to cater to what works with you. If you don't see something that you feel fits your lifestyle please let us know. We'll find something that works.


$17.50 - Group Drop-In

This includes access to one group class or open gym period on a drop in basis. This is for the person who cannot attend enough classes during the month to justify paying for a basic membership or punch card.


$28 - Private Lesson

Private lessons are a half hour long and can be shared with another person. Sharing allows members to split the cost of getting private tutoring. 


$120+ - Unlimited Plus

The "Unlimited Plus" membership includes Unlimited access to group classes and open gym periods ($120.00) plus whatever amount of private lessons per month you wish to take for a one month payment period. That means that instead of paying full price per private lesson, you could enjoy private instruction at discounted rates for committing to them up front! For more details on the options for this package, please speak with us in person so we can ensure you understand exactly what your options are.


$180 - Couple's Therapy Plan

This is exactly what it says. One partner pays the portion of your monthly dues that give access to group classes and the other is welcome to join in at only 50% of the membership-dues.(This applies to monthly dues only. Private lessons will not be discounted beyond the regular discounts for multiple lessons) You can share the private lessons you have purchased or separate them between you.

*This option can only be used by couples living in the same home. Common law partners, married couples... yes! "We've been seeing each other for 3 months but aren't ready to move in together"... no! The only other scenario that we will apply this deal to is if you are training here with a child who is still living at home. Inquire if this is the case!