Unlimited Kickboxing Curriculum

All of our classes are currently built entirely around our kickboxing curriculum which is perfect for getting in great shape learning a real, competition ready set of kickboxing skills. The classes, though challenging, are designed to accommodate a person looking for a fun way to get fit learning real kickboxing skills. These techniques are practical for both self defense and competitive kickboxing. New members are welcome to observe a class to see if it is something they wish to try before stepping on the mats themselves. 

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Available in private lessons


Private instruction is also available for kickboxing even though our classes are built around the curriculum. You can take private lessons to work on some aspect of the sport you feel you need to sharpen up, you can take them to get in a workout with some good rounds on pads or you can take them to help prepare for advancement through the levels. If you are looking to fast-track your progress in the sport of kickboxing, private lessons are certainly a key to doing so!

Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a very broad term that applies to many different styles of martial arts. Around here, the style of kung-fu offered is called Kenpo. Along with the classic punches and kicks and other strikes, you will learn small and large joint manipulation and a multitude of trips, sweeps and throws. Kenpo allows the practitioner to enjoy the artistic flare that traditional martial arts are known for but at its core is also quite effective for real self defense.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is well regarded for its health benefits although it has its roots in martial application. It is noted for improving circulation, providing stress relief, improving balance and developing muscle tone. You will move through a variety of ranges of motion that stretch and strengthen your body while gently raising your heart rate. We offer Tai Chi in private lessons allowing you the time to learn the entire form at your own pace.