See what our members have to say about their experience training with us!


"The gym ... your Dojo means everything to me.The things I have received from the coaches and the relationships are irreplaceable.. positive things that have changed for me since starting... My back was Always acting up before joining .. Always.. it has flared up once ( Very minor) since I joined so it has given me back a sense of strength and mobility I hadn't had in Years. My ability to push through hard days physically and mentally have become easier .. because I've pushed hard at the gym.. pushing my own personal limits has made me stronger .. faster .. having PRIDE in my accomplishments AND my failures.. I'm physically stronger then I've ever been .. and I'm 38 years old .. Having something and somewhere to go and learn and to be proud of has been monumental to me .. These are just some things I've noticed in the 11 months of being with the MAU Family .. forever grateful .. and I will always train with the black and yellow.


Luc L.


"Mental and physical health is just the beginning. I've become part of a true family of like minded people all working towards self improvement as individuals and as a team and community. I've set goals and met them and set new goals and learned to challenge myself. Learned its a good thing to always challenge yourself. Managed to learn the true value of giving as well as receiving in everything from time, knowledge, friendship, help, the list goes on and on of all the benefits i have found here."

-Blaine W.


"Martial Arts Unlimited provides a supportive community and training environment and a constructive outlet for stress. When i train consistently at MAU I find myself much more calm, emotionally stable and confident in everyday situations. After almost every class I feel an immediate positive feeling when leaving the workout. On a fitness level I find nothing else in Victoria allows me to push through mental and physical limitations like Martial Arts unlimited. Providing an opportunity to push passed that point of fatigue when you think you are unable to keep exercising and then give it all you have in another round."

-Candice S.G.


Training at the dojo has kept me motivated in trying to achieve my personal health goals mentally and physically. The instructors and regular attendants are all so positive and most are motivated to better themselves in some way which keeps me wanting to do the same. I've found i will work on cardio and strength outside class so I can become stronger for class. Mentally it has helped me find a place that I can focus on being in the moment which is a hard thing for me to do as well as help me to learn not to be so hard on myself and work on things slowly and consistently (not an easy thing for me to do either)

-Lindsay E.