Youth Kickboxing

Our youth kickboxing program aims to introduce our younger members to the sport while passing on the wonderful benefits that martial arts training provides. Our primary concern is to teach the sport of kickboxing in a safe way while providing a foundation in intelligent athletic development, sportsmanship, goal setting and attainment and support for your teammates. While trying not to sound overly cliché, we believe that sports skills translate into life skills if taught properly and our goal is to pass those skills along in a fun, safe and engaging way.

This program acts as a bridge to the adult program so the age range is anything between 11 years old to 16 years old. Keep in mind that a child’s age is not always indicative of their athletic or social development. What that means is that some 11 year olds may need some time to grow into the program while some 15 year olds may be able to slide right into the adult program. We will decide this by assessing each student individually in private lessons. If they need more time to prepare, we will recommend private instruction to help them develop until they are ready to join the group sessions. There are always going to be a variety of skill levels in every class but our policy ensures that we don’t have one child who feels so left behind that they feel like they are simply holding everyone else up.

Please remember that this sport involves contact and impact. We don’t allow head contact with our youth program but they will be holding pads for each other and doing light contact drills and thus will need to show a requisite level of co-ordination, strength and “toughness” to be allowed into the group program. The children will be taught to support each other’s’ development so do not all have to be super athletes but in the interest of safety, children lacking the necessary level of focus and skill will be asked to stick with private lessons until they demonstrate the needed skill sets.